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Do you have any ideas on a perfect wedding proposal? Are you willing to share your wedding proposal with us? We are currently researching the best ways to propose marriage and would appreciate any stories or advice on wedding proposals that you have acquired, failed at, or heard about.
This is it... You have your diamond engagement ring, the time is now, but you are in need of a great wedding proposal. You've come to the right place... here you will learn some fail safe wedding proposal ideas that will have your answering in an affirmative, 'Yes'.
  1. The Center Stage Wedding Proposal - This wedding proposal is not for the timid, but for a theatrical proposal that is sure to grab her attention, take your lady to a show and ask the stage manager if after final curtain is called... you take the stage in true dramatic style. Warning: if you are unsure of her answer to this wedding proposal... you may want to reconsider.

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